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Chasing the Aurora on Skye

Isle of Skye AuroraWhat do you do when there is nothing on the telly? why set off on an adventure, chasing the Aurora Borealis of course.  It is always something I have wanted to see, you stand a better chance of seeing it the further north you go. Thursday night (Indiana Jones alias Andy) and I set of on our adventure, first stop Co-op for supplies, 2 bags of sweeties, we then headed north.  First stop off,  Sconsor  nothing to be seen from there, a little cloud and a few stars.   A few mint humbugs later  we passed through Portree, there were lots of cars parked, we then realised that the Skye accordion and fiddle club were meeting in the Royal Hotel.  No time to stop we were on a mission, headed up to the  Old Man of Storr, still a bit cloudy, nothing else for it,  Kilt Rock next port of call, all this without Sat Nav!   We had only been sitting in the car a few minutes when some more Aurora seekers arrived. We patiently waited for a few hours for the cloud to clear, it partially cleared but no luck. We chatted to the other watchers, who were also disappointed.  The weather man got it wrong again.  Better than the telly, we will keep you posted.  Thanks go to  Andy Stables of Glendale Skye Aurora for supplying the great picture of the Aurora  taken in January 2013 the picture, Andy holds the copyright.