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Isle of Skye Cuckoos

Isle of Skye Cuckoos. I was minding my own business yesterday morning, when I heard a cuckoo close by. I opened the window to see if I could see this very reclusive bird,  no luck.  Just as I was finishing off cleaning one of the bedrooms, I heard it again, this time very close, I just managed to catch a glimpse of it as it flew by.  This was the  first time I have ever seen an Isle of Skye Cuckoo.  We have had Cuckoos visit Old Corry every year since I have been here, that will be 20 years this June. I  was rewarded again to-day, I  heard  another Isle of Skye Cuckoo very close, this time I saw two of them flying off at the front of the house and sitting on our log pile.

We have bird feeders outside each guest bedroom to attract the birds, we are rewarded time and time again by our little feathered visitors.  We get all sorts of birds, Chaffinch, Siskins, Green Finches, Great Tit, Blue Tit, Blackbird, Ringed Doves, Wood Pigeons, Gold Finch, Curlew, Pied Wagtails, Starlings, Bunting, Thrushes, we have two resident Robins. The other day Andy called me into the kitchen to observe two unexpected visitors to the bird feeder, a pair of small field mice, they were having themselves a wee feast on the peanuts.

We get great deal of enjoyment from all the wee visitors, we hope when you visit Allt a choire B&B you to will enjoy watching all our little visitors. If you want to learn more about the birds on Skye, have a look at a really good book Skye Birds by a gentleman that lives locally in Breakish,  Bob McMillan

Isle of Skye Cuckoos – Mini Gallery

isle-of-skye-cuckoos_siskins isle-of-skye-cuckoos_blue_tit isle-of-skye-cuckoo_chaffinch