02  DURHAM MICK Scottish Otter Family

Isle of Skye woodland walk

It has been great that the mornings are much lighter now, it has enabled me to take our new rescue Labrador Kai on Broadford & Strath Community Woodland walks. You would think nothing much happens at 7am on Skye, well you would be totally wrong. This is a great time to see all the wildlife, only yesterday Kai and I came across a family of Otters, Mum dad and two pups. Kai sat really quietly while I enjoyed 1o minutes just watching them playing in the water and rambling over the rocks, it was a wonderful experience to see them so close up. Earlier in the week I had taken one of Kai’s rope Kong toys with me, he loves to play fetch, he was really enjoying himself until one of my throws landed the toy halfway up a pine tree! Not at my best early in the morning, I had a go at knocking it out of the tree with my walking pole only to get it stuck as well! I have ordered a new toy for Kai, fortunately we had two other poles. I threw a stick for Kai this morning, it is stored somewhere for us to play tomorrow, we saw a seal and two Oyster Catchers no Otters to-day the tide was further in. We will hopefully catch a glimpse of the Eclipse tomorrow. We are really enjoying having a black Lab back in our lives, he is a great wee dog and if you are staying with us this year you will get a chance to meet him.


Kai on the beach Anne Charlet Pic