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More than a shed


Garrison Stove

The Garrison, some people think its an office, another guest thought is was a bakery! or even an extra bedroom for guests. The name is a bit of a giveaway, those of you who have had the grand tour of the green shed, it is the resting place for Andy’s wee soldiers, multiplying by the minute.  Andy had a wood burning stove installed in the Garrison last  Summer.  He finally got around to having his first fire in it last Saturday.  After a few technical hitches, and then a few adjustments to the stove, we had lift off, a lovely cosy Garrison. Andy is looking forward now to recreating some battle scenes with all the houses and farm buildings he has painted, oh and of course a few soldiers. You will get a chance to expect them yourself when you stay at our Skye bed and breakfast Allt a Choire.

The mystery solved.